18 October 2019
Team Building & Incentives

Whether team building, incentive or leisure activity - we recommend the following activities:


City Rally through Palma
At a rally walk through Palma not only a sense of orientation and local knowledge is important, but also creativity and team spirit must be demonstrated. All Participants will have a lot of fun!
Rates: from 45,00 € per person, plus transfer
Number of participants: from 25 persons

Tapas Rally
In this rally the culinary aspect is the focus. Various traditional tapas restaurants in Palma will head on by the group. Enjoy the delicious Spanish food and travel through the cuisine world of Majorca.
Rates: from 75,00 € per person, plus transfer
Number of participants: from 25 persons

Jeep Rally
You will start the race with a road book and a jeep. Questions about the country and people, unusual routes and spectacular views await the participants of Majorca Jeep Rally. In the end, the winner will be honored.
Rates: from 100,00 €
Number of participants: from 20 persons

Quad Tour
We will gladly arrange off-road trips where it goes into real off-road terrain after a thorough briefing. Alternatively, road trips can be booked.
Rates: from € 110.00 plus VAT per driver; from 30,00 € per passenger excl. VAT
Number of participants: 5 vehicles (there are 1-seater and 2-seater available)

Walk through the nature of Majorca. An external hiking guide takes the participants through small and stony paths, explains facts about flora and fauna of the region.
Rates: from 40,00 € per person, plus transfer
Number of participants: 10 people

Trekking Tour
With trekking or mountain bikes you will drive through the countryside of Majorca. A stopover in a typical restaurant or at the beach is also a point on the agenda. Optionally, the journey can also be like a rally with various checkpoints.
Rates: from 80,00 € per person (rally charge from € 25,00 per person)
Number of participants: 10 people


Sea Kayaking
The Group expects to pass a range of hidden coves and small caves. During the tour, small samples, such as race or speed slalom course can be installed.
Rates: from 95,00 € per person, plus transfer
Number of participants: 10 people

Step aboard a yacht and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and views of the turquoise water. The sailing break invites you to jump into the cold water.
Rates: 1.450,00 € flat rate plus food, drinks and transfers, racing preparation, etc. 1.000,00 €
Number of Participants: maximum 8 people per boat

Catamaran Magic
Meet Palma from a new perspective - on board of a catamaran!
It is also possible to prepare a BBQ on board. The break is ideal for swimming or snorkeling.
Rates: from 2.500,00 € flat rate plus food, drinks and transfers
Number of participants: 30 people

La Barca Samba – The samba boat
Our external partners offer you the perfectly maintained, classic wooden boat with a unique ambience and plenty of space for a variety of activities during the day and evening.
Rates: from 2.600,00 € flat rate including drinks and snacks, plus transfer
Number of participants: 40 people

Rafael Verdera
Sail on a historic wooden ship along the coast of Majorca. The Rafael Verdera is the oldest sailing ship of the Spanish fleet and exudes a special charm. Enjoy the atmosphere on board.
Rates: from 1.850,00 € flat rate plus food, drinks and transfers
Number of participants: 12 people

Dinner with sharks
With our external partner "Palma Aquarium" you will experience "Big Blue" - the deepest shark tank in Europe. The dinner will take place in front of a giant panoramic windscreen of the shark aquarium.
Rates: 80,00 € per person, plus transfers
Number of participants: 2 people

Diving with sharks
Dive into the deepest shark tank in Europe and experience sharks, rays and moray eels. Our partner for this incentive is the “Palma Aquarium”.
Rates: from 200,00 € per person including equipment + two tickets, plus transfers
Number of participants: 1-4 people


Helicopter Fun
Enjoy the world of helicopter flying, whether as a pilot or passenger, and experience a new sense of freedom and happiness!
Rates: 465,00 € for 30 minutes, plus transfer
Number of participants: 1-3 people


Golf Course
With our cooperation partner "Golf Academy" participants are invited to get an insight into the golf world for two hours. Our golf instructors in the Golf Academy “Golf de Andratx" will welcome the participants next to the hotel (distance 250 m).
Rates: 48,00 € per person, 2 hours, including rental rackets
Number of participants: at least 5 persons
Should you have any additional requests or needs regarding incentives and activities, please do not hesitate to contact us.
* All prices are a guide and may change depending on the number of persons and different seasons. All activities are organized by external partner companies and are only available on request and availability.
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